• The Claiborne Brothers Quartette

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    The Claiborne Brothers started in 1951 as an a cappella quartet, singing in the small community church where their father, the Reverend D. W. Claiborne, pastored. They went on to sing for the glory of Christ in personal appearances and on records, radio, and television.

    Born in the order that they sing, Brighton carries first tenor, the twins, Gaylon and Gifford, second tenor and baritone respectively, and Byron the bass.

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    Featured Albums

    • EP  45 - Claiborne Brothers Quartet
    • CQ 701 - My Heavenly Home
    • CQ 702 - Cross at the Crossroads
    • CB 703 - On Tour
    • CB 704 - At Winona Lake
    • W 3191 - At the World's Fair
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    Claiborne Brothers Quartet

    EP 45

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    My Heavenly Home

    CQ 701

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    Cross at the Crossroads

    CQ 702

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    On Tour

    CB 703

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    At Winona Lake

    CB 704

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    At the World's Fair

    W 3191